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A few words about what we do

We offer free media solutions so you can eliminate that expensive cable or satellite bill today and start watching TV online

Why Choose Us?

FreeMedia.Ninja offers our customers unparalleled support and customer service. A year ago we set out to eliminate the expensive home entertainment services tying us down to our live television, sports, and movie needs. We are proud to say that we are now spending $0/month and saving nearly $100/month. Now we want to help you do the same!

One thing that really sets us apart from the competition is that all of our customers can receive remote updates of our custom ninja user interface. You never have to worry about things breaking or not working. You can be up and watching TV online for free in no time! We are constantly updating and improving our user interface so our customers can painlessly enjoy their home media devices free of hassle and complication. Also included with this plan is a 100% hassle free return and replacement policy.

Believe In What We Do

There is nothing more rewarding than that special time we get to spend with friends and family to watch our favorite television programs. We are committed to serving the high desert with free media solutions that will save you money and allow you the convenience to watch what you want, when you want.

Our device transforms your TV and uses the powerful KODI media center to allow you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and live sports with no subscription costs. With virtually unlimited content, you can cut your cable bill and cancel all the subscription services that will be left in the dust by what we offer.

Some Facts About Us

FreeMedia.Ninja is passionate about providing the world with fantastic media streaming solutions and top tier customer service. After many months of development we have established a completely custom interface that will allow you and your loved ones to stream sports, movies, TV shows and much more all for free. Start watching TV online today! Our solution is very intuitive and free of complication. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and many repeat customers.

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