Setting Up Your Ninja TV Box

Setup could not be easier now that we have our own android application called the “Ninja Installer”.

  1. Plug your device into your TV via the included HDMI connector.
  2. Plug your device into the power outlet.
  3. Plug in the USB dongle found inside the battery case of your miniature wireless keyboard.
  4. Turn on your device.


  1. Go to the “settings” option on the right side of the home screen and connect to your internet.
  2. Check to make sure you are on KODI 16.0 or higher otherwise uninstall KODI
  3. If you had to uninstall an old version of KODI, open our Ninja Install android application and select “Install KODI”
  4. Now select “Fresh Install” or “Quick Update” if you are setting up for the first time or if you need to update your version of our Ninja User Interface
  1. First you must make sure you are on KODI version 16.0 or higher. If you are not, then you must uninstall KODI. Follow the video below to uninstall KODI.

2. Follow this video to get your Ninja TV Box setup. If you had to uninstall KODI, be sure to choose “install KODI” inside of our Ninja Install android application before running “fresh install or “quick update” and installing our Ninja User Interface.

adminSetup KODI