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Free Media Ninja has a clean user interface so you navigate can navigate to what you want when you want it! There are unlimited free movies to watch, every seasons and episode of every TV show, free live sporting streams and much much more.

We are continuously improving our user interface so you will receive regular updates if you want. All you have to do is open our “Ninja Quick Updater” under programs – select the interface and it will automatically download and install it. All of our customers receive free email support and remote device support if they need it. We offer a top of the line mini computer that will be sure to last you and your family a long time! Below is a step by step breakdown of how simple we make our services available to you:

  • Choose your device(s)
  • Choose delivery & payment
  • Connect device to WIFI or ethernet
  • Open the media center
  • Begin enjoying unlimited free movies to watch, TV shows, live sports and more

Take a look at our screenshots gallery

Below are some screenshots of our custom user interface you get with our devices … As you can see there are no shortage of free movies to watch …

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