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It’s no secret that FreeMedia.Ninja’s Ninja One is the best android TV box on the market. With unlimited free streaming, free remote updates, and free remote support for life … There simply is just nothing else that competes. And the best is yet to come. Our device’s interface is continuously being improved. Every week is like your birthday with FreeMedia.Ninja when you install our new Ninja User Interface.

Gracias a Free Media, yo y mi familia estamos ahorrando cada mes. Podemos ver programas como las noticas, deportes, novelas y películas en HD. El muchacho de Free Media nos ayudo mucho. El precio es razonable. Tienen que cambiar a esta sistema! Es increíble.his tour.

Carmen A.

We have been paying bills over $150 for satellite tv every month. I found out about free media and I could not believe it. Matthew came in after 2 days, did a quick installation, and overview. Our family is happy that we can continue seeing our favorite TV shows and movies without paying a monthly bill! I recommend you switch over.

Mike R.

I love the Ninja TV Box! My son can watch any Disney movie when he wants. It's easy to use and best of all, I don't have a cable bill every month! WooHoo!

Natalie A.

I was so happy to get rid of my satellite that went out every time it rained! I'm saving $2000 a year.

Amber S.

This device works amazing! Movie night with my girl just went to a whole new level.

Jason F.

I love the Ninja, it's the best!

Rafael Z.

The setup is great, I can watch literally anything new and old.

Luis V.

This Ninja TV box is awesome. It delivers a smooth movies stream from your TV and is very reliable.

James B.

I finally get to watch what I want when I want, commercial free with no monthly payment! Goodbye dish forever!

Terry S.

This is the way of the future. All pay per views, all live sports, endless shows and movies ... all at your fingers.

Gustavo D.

I've only had my Android box for a few days but I am very satisified with my purchase. I bought an Android TV stick a couple of months ago and the box is a step up. As a tip for anyone thinking of buying one try and figure out what you want to do with the box first. Then surf the web to learn how to program it and go for it. Oh yes just make sure to connect your box to your router by ethernet cable and don't bother with wifi. You will have a much better user experience. I recommend this box.

Shelby P.

Had one already .. worked perfectly ... so I had to get me a second one for the bedroom ... the first is in the livingroom.

Lesley O.

Used it to turn my regular TV into a smart TV and it has been working flawlessly. I've only used it connected to the Ethernet not WiFi so I can't comment whether or not it will lag or buffer when on wireless. I guess that will depend on your internet speed and modem/router. For me this is perfect for the price. I will add that adding a wireless mouse will make it easier to navigate; I used a Logitech wireless mouse and it worked perfect, just plug and play.

Patricia D.

Excellent product no lag loads up quick worth the money. I like that I get updates every week to the interface so I don't have to worry about maintaining KODI.

Junior M.

I got rid of my cable bill. The Ninja is an awesome tv box. You get live tv all your favorite tv shows. You can also view the latest movie releases. Anything tv and you got it with this Ninja TV BOX!! You don't have to install add ons and find the ones that suit you through the KODI software. KODI IS ALREADY PRELOADED ON THIS BOX!!! I highly recommend the Ninja One!!

Jesse V.

This Quad does a very nice job of running KODI. Video is crisp and has no choppiness. There are a number of custom ROM's that capitalize on the internal power of this box and the Ninja is one of those.

Leo D.

Best tv box available. Never fails, Ethernet and WiFi work out of the box.

Andrew N.

Exactly what my hubby wanted. Already had KODI loaded so it was super easy to set up and use immediately. No need for cable if you have this.

Jennifer S.

This box superceded my expectations. The delivery process was smooth and right on target with the timing.

Cyan B.

This is the best KODI Media Player I have ever owned (have three other one). Fast, clean interface, easy to customize, and easy to used. Great price from a great vendor.

Kayla D.

This is one of the boxes you should have,you will not have problem. Nice setting fast speed and good GPU. with 1080p the graphic is excellent, if you have a good router with dual Wifi a good internet speed this baby rock..I love. I watch all the movies with no glitch or delay, nice and smooth...

Robert J.

Got it to use KODI, works perfect! Combine it with a wireless keyboard and you are golden!

Elias E.

I have been using a lot of different Android TV boxes but not like this one.. this one is the one.. i love this product its fast High Definition.. this is what i wanted.. I do recommend this product to you guys its amazing you will not be disappointed. thumbs up Good product..

Patrick M.

Great hardware specs, system apps are useful, RUNS KITKAT, and very easy to fix if bricked. Comes with root access out-of-the-box. Excellent customer service as well. Thanks 🙂

Daniel S.
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