Our awesome features

FreeMedia.Ninja offers top of the line media streaming devices – world class customer support and a professionally maintained user interface for the KODI media center


Our media streaming devices include the best of the best for your movie needs. You will have access to virtual libraries with 100’s of thousands of movies, including movies still in theater! The possibilities are truly endless.


You can watch virtually any sports game you wish, yes that even includes the Dodgers! Our system is setup intuitively so you can easily open it up and see what sports games around the world are playing at the current time. You simply select them and begin enjoying.

TV Shows

You will be able to access every single season and episode of every television show that ever existed. Our media streaming devices also allow you to save your favorite series so you can access them quicker and easier than ever.


Our music system is great for when you have company over or are just hanging out around the house having a cleaning day. Search for your favorite artist or stream live radio stations through your home entertainment system from around the world.


We have pre-installed the best addons for all of your news needs on our media streaming devices. CBSN, Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, The Onion, and 100s of other live streaming news channels, at your fingertips.

Kids TV

We have built a special section for your kids which will allow you to easily pick any cartoon show or movie and start streaming it instantly. Warning this can become highly addictive for children, we recommend you limit their usage!

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